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Nightingale, won’t you stay?

If you get too high you’ll float away


Your voice still has so much more to say

The best of them burn out instead of fading away 

Their sound makes the biggest wave 


Love is blind you couldn’t see 

How much love you had yet to keep 

How much love for you was had 

Know you were no good

Better than that

You outstood


Love was a flame

Downward Spiral 

Toxic fame

Warm gun 

Losing game

Fading back to black 

Final Frame 


Sung from the soul

Too much fuel for the fire

All consuming out of control 


Too bright 

Lights blinded 

Nightingale cannot see, cannot sing

Clipped your feathers 

Fly away on your little wing 


Nightingale, you need respite

Nightingale, don’t give up

You still have so much fight

Don’t let the flashes outshine your light 


Nightingale can’t you see?

How your song has set me free 

Shattered that which fettered

With just a brush of your feathers


Nightingale so beautifully broken 

Sentence given ere any words were spoken 


Nightingale, your wine and wail 

Sent me flying with the force of a gale


Nightingale when I was too weak to move on

I was saved by your song



Nightingale I wish I could have given a fraction of what you gave

Your voice, your words had the power to save              


If only your effect

Could be reflected

Imperfectly perfect

Don’t know how much you affected


Oh Nightingale

You flew away today

I’m struggling to find the words to say


Want to scream stay

But it’s far too late

You’ve gone away


Nightingale needed someone to love

Nightingale please hear my plea

Hope you’ll be someone to watch over me


Nightingale, to know you was to love you

Wrap your wings around the moon

Nightingale sung so proud, gone too soon


Your echo will never fade away

Grateful for what you gave

To tread the path that you paved

The reverb of your sound

Nightingale, if you were lost

I hope peace you now have found

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