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Interest, Rate over Time

Seen only results of a negative decline

Inverse correlation

Progress as a Nation

If we want a different Solution

To Corporate Greed and Pollution

We need to change the Formula

Rearrange, Reorder the Law and Order of

S.V.U. Of the U.S.A.  Eiffel Tower –ed 99% 

Majority of the minority can’t pay the rent.

Time to Redefine the Norm

Formula Reform

Cause a wise man once said

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again

And expecting a different end

I mean what does that mean?

People just want to maintain

And expecting a change?

What a circular chain

Loss of Jobs is a loss of genius today

They protest at the grave

Kinda ironic a,

Bitten Apple

They say

“Knowledge is the way

Knowledge is the power “

But my friends have degrees; we make the same per hour

Before money we cower

Power corrupts; Root of evil, School of Hard Knocks

It’s your Favorite School House Rock

Conjunction Function

Remember that one about government and law?

Think they’ll run that one anymore?

I don’t know that’s a tough call

What happens when after all,

They say to know knowledge at all

Was the original sin

So the technology that we make,

Is that the hidden snake?

Bit off more than we could chew

As a human race

Venomous fruit,

Stupid drunk off the taste

Abuse our only Earth

Is that why we played with fire

Made it a silent “H” away from being HEarth

Premonition of our own destruction

Never believed in 2012 before

But the Polar Caps are melting

Mother Nature; We really Fucked Her

And Oh Daddy in Time

 When she Comes

She’ll come hard

She’ll make it rain, She’ll make it pour

What the Fuck Man!

I’m not ready to go yet

I haven’t done nothing. Haven’t done enough yet

I’ve been trying to do my part to fight a losing battle, cause yeah I do recycle

I still want to learn to ride a bicycle

But Fuck It, I got closer than ever this year

That’s a shout out to my B Po and Thomas

Thanks for the lessons and the gear

Ya’ll are DA Bombest


I love me the Honest

People that I meet

But honestly can’t say that

That makes up 99% of the people that I meet

1984; born 1987

Does that mean my fate was sealed before I was born?

Nah, I was born Year of Rabbit, so F (XXX) it Like Porn

Multiply like Once, than twice and than Once more

Greed will be our demise

The Earth won’t end

It’s US who won’t survive

Remember those reptiles?

We won’t be a blip

Hardly be a trace of this transient time

End of Human Kind

Haven’t met many Humans that are Kind

Even the Pyramids

Sands of Time

Will Erode and Fade

Sphinx, Dust instead of a Face

We’re losing Human Race

Lost the Human in humane

Micromanaging The People’s Lives

Running the Rat Race

There’s no Redemption Song

Just rage against the machine

People just come as they are

1984 Thought Crime; Mental War

Not a coincidence that Art and Music are cut back

Don’t want to encourage Lone Wolves in a pack

Don’t want to encourage the Mind to play a Different part

Cause a Thought is only in a Mind, but in a Mind a Revolution can start

As Voltaire, Protect Art

Our ability to look up at the sky, and contemplate why

Isn’t that what sets us apart

From the other mammals,

What makes us so smart?

I can’t stop them

But I can pick up a pen

What I do is write

My sword, this is how I fight

Like a true Mexican I’ll cross the line

Rather die on my feet, than live on my knees,

Kneeling before Capitalist swine

If I’m sick I’m Ill

Punctuate it, I will

Not let you take away the Right to Think a Thought

Or Say What I Want to Say

For my Right to Write I’ll stay

On the left of the fight

What’s passing for Right Don’t seem Right

Know Justice is Blind, but it’s passing red for a green light

And in case you missed a line

Scroll up And Re-read my Proclamation

It’s in Black and White

Print that, Take it to the press

Strategic, playing Chess

War of Words

But I’ve already Won

I’m the Poet Laureate

Poetry Politician  

Make yourself heard

Spread the Word

Holla at them till they Listen

I’ve got the ability to connect the dots

The others cannot see

Paint the picture they cannot perceive

Point of vantage

Any two points in the universe can become a line

Line; trip wire

Now did that just blow your mind?

To another level

Space break continuum

And Time that just moves on

A moment is here and gone

And never happens

Identically Or organically ever again

If everyone’s special than no one is,

Well that much is true

But if I think, I speak

And all nothing special,

But we are all unique

Just like a moment, just like a snowflake

By just a degree, by just a measure

And when we all fall down we, all mix together

Like a tear drop in the sea

A grain in the sand

No man is island and

No man owns the land

Cannot move forward while you stand still

Cannot plant in the field if the field you do not till

Drum and percussion

Why the hell are you rushin’?

D&B now it’s thumping

Life on the line

Get linear

Kill this beat and then resurrect it; Michael Jackson thriller

Beat the beat like a rug

Under my own influence

Psychosomatic, mind is my own drug

On one, I’m on three

A holy sacred trinity

Of I, myself, and me

True to yourself you must be

Must pause on the path

Cause I’ve just been treading,

Head in the clouds,

Never reading the map

Everyday I’m trying to learn something

Different than the day before

Feels like in this game of life

I’m always losing I’m trying to even the score

Trying to stay alert

Alarm on, no more snoozing

Trying to be on time

But the Good Things come

To those who wait

So I keep people waiting

While my destiny I await?

But I show up early and leave late

Trying to be first and to make it last

Learn from yesterday and take hold of the mast

Midwest best of both sides of the round

Blue marbel of a marvel

But this wait is making me lose my marbles

I’m tired of being patient

I’m sick of being patient

Rise rising and abating

In the hospital but I got no insurance

And this is Cook County so I just spent all day waiting

No assurance, No coverage

If you’ve got no collateral you’ve got no leverage

Sit down have a cool beverage

This world is so savage

Money hungry power mongers

And their appetite cannot be sated

They’re always famished

Send back the goods, the goods is damaged

And all my dreams are outlandish

And what I say, who am I to say?

Like who are you and what’s your place?

Do you have a my mmmmmh, drawing a blank

Underscore my point so you clearly see my space

Attach a name to a face

Say a name enough times and they will heed me like OBEY

Exit through the left if you hate

I am Arrived and I was almost made to Wait

Nightingale, won’t you stay?

If you get too high you’ll float away


Your voice still has so much more to say

The best of them burn out instead of fading away 

Their sound makes the biggest wave 


Love is blind you couldn’t see 

How much love you had yet to keep 

How much love for you was had 

Know you were no good

Better than that

You outstood


Love was a flame

Downward Spiral 

Toxic fame

Warm gun 

Losing game

Fading back to black 

Final Frame 


Sung from the soul

Too much fuel for the fire

All consuming out of control 


Too bright 

Lights blinded 

Nightingale cannot see, cannot sing

Clipped your feathers 

Fly away on your little wing 


Nightingale, you need respite

Nightingale, don’t give up

You still have so much fight

Don’t let the flashes outshine your light 


Nightingale can’t you see?

How your song has set me free 

Shattered that which fettered

With just a brush of your feathers


Nightingale so beautifully broken 

Sentence given ere any words were spoken 


Nightingale, your wine and wail 

Sent me flying with the force of a gale


Nightingale when I was too weak to move on

I was saved by your song



Nightingale I wish I could have given a fraction of what you gave

Your voice, your words had the power to save              


If only your effect

Could be reflected

Imperfectly perfect

Don’t know how much you affected


Oh Nightingale

You flew away today

I’m struggling to find the words to say


Want to scream stay

But it’s far too late

You’ve gone away


Nightingale needed someone to love

Nightingale please hear my plea

Hope you’ll be someone to watch over me


Nightingale, to know you was to love you

Wrap your wings around the moon

Nightingale sung so proud, gone too soon


Your echo will never fade away

Grateful for what you gave

To tread the path that you paved

The reverb of your sound

Nightingale, if you were lost

I hope peace you now have found

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