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Amy Winehouse, To Know You Was to Love You

Most knew her for her well documented substance abuse and personal problems, which is a damn shame because it’s not even a fraction of the force, talent, beauty and voice that was Amy Winehouse.

Channeling Motown, blues, jazz and soul she quickly commanded attention for her inimitable voice and singularly unique persona. Oozing sexuality and unabashedly speaking to the darker sides of human impulse Amy Winehouse was a true anomaly. Her voice would have sounded natural in some dim lit jazz longue set fifty years past, instead she channeled a voice from a generation past with lyrics that could have only gotten airplay today . Indeed her incendiary debut is looked upon as the inception point for many empowered female talents that have come up since.

Amy’s music was tragically at once fueled by and overtaken by a destructive lifestyle. She spoke of addiction and shunned redemption. Her default anthem Rehab is one example of her unapologetic nature; at once acknowledging her demons and refusing the exorcism. Other examples are evidenced in the sexually charged twisted tale she spins in the jazzy You Know I’m No Good which pales in brazenness to I Heard Love Is Blind and still more to the brassy tell off Stronger Than Me.  Stronger also has a must-hear scat intro and a line only Winehouse could have delivered “I’m not going to meet your mother anytime, I just want to grip your body over mine”

If slow scorchers like her soul hit and fan favorite Love is a Losing Game,  or the bluesy heartbreaker Wake Up Alone are any indication Winhouse’s romantic escapades also served as a double edged sword of inspiration and destruction.  Singing “I stay up clean the house/least I’m not drinking/ Run around just so I don’t have to think about thinking”  its apparent that depression lead to destructive means of distraction. For anyone who has ever experienced a relationship like the one described in the softly spoken guitar driven ballad Best Friends, self medication as a distraction is a default setting; as evidenced in Wake Up Alone when she utters the heartrending lines “This ache in my chest/cause my day is done now/the dark covers me and I cannot run now.”

It was in these enormously personal ballads that she showcased her fragile vulnerability, something she struggled to balance with a highly public profile while simultaneously struggling with addiction and bouts of depression.

It was a cocktail of the Molotov kind, drug abuse ultimately acting as an incendiary agent that consumed a promising and powerful voice. However, this isn’t a tabloid this is a tribute to an artist. It’s impossible to speak of Amy and ignore the dark parts in her life; she herself was never one to shy away from acknowledging the dark, after all she lived the blues.

Her career was one of blindingly stellar highlights, garnering five Grammys by the time she was 24 among many other accolades.  She did nothing halfheartedly, her highs were dizzyingly high and her lows were devastatingly low. Finding the middle ground to walk in such a state must have been difficult especially with added media scrutiny. Indeed it is a plight many artists face, the struggle to balance the duality of expressing so publicly issues that are more times than not something they feel very intimately.

However it’s important to remember it wasn’t all tears, sex and heartbreak. Amy Winehouse also had a killer sense of humor displayed in the ever so subtly titled Fuck Me Pumps or the extra cheeky green loving anthem Addicted.

From blues, soul, jazz and rock her vocalizations could hypnotize you into believing your senses had been transposed fifty years back when covering greats like Someone to Watch Over Me as most famously sung by Ella Fitzgerald or for a signature modern sound on an a classic, her version of Its My Party, one of her last released recordings on Quincy Jone’s Q: Soul Bossa Nostra .

Her vibrancy was apparent on songs like the seldom played Hey Little Rich Girl and especially palpable on her version of Valerie on Mark Ronson’s Versions, where Ronson ,in a stroke of genius, kept in Amy’s candid “…having too much fun” just before band kicks up.

Immensely talented, refreshingly honest and devastatingly original the loss of an artist like Amy Winehouse strikes so close to home for so many because of the level of intimacy they connected to her on.  Through seemingly endless heartbreaks or all consuming depression, like those spoken of in Back to Black hers was a voice that was powerful enough to lift people up, either through an empowered refrain like the one sung on Tears Dry on Their Own or through gentle guitar strumming on the playful interlude Cherry.

Indeed she has left an indelible mark on music. Her voice will be truly missed but never forgotten. Amy Winehouse, all there is left to say is thank you for the music. May you rest in peace, may your voice echo through all the ages.

**Most people know her for Rehab  and while it’s a great song it does not even scratch the surface of her range in no particular order ten songs of Amy’s that I highly recommend giving a listen

1.       Love is a Losing Game

2.       He Can Only Hold Her

3.       Hey Little Rich Girl

4.       Wake Up Alone

5.       You Sent Me Flying

6.       To Know Him Is To Love Him

7.       Someone to Watch Over Me

8.       Addicted

*partial but her speech beforehand is worth it

9.       Stronger Than Me

10.   Cupid

Nightingale, won’t you stay?

If you get too high you’ll float away


Your voice still has so much more to say

The best of them burn out instead of fading away 

Their sound makes the biggest wave 


Love is blind you couldn’t see 

How much love you had yet to keep 

How much love for you was had 

Know you were no good

Better than that

You outstood


Love was a flame

Downward Spiral 

Toxic fame

Warm gun 

Losing game

Fading back to black 

Final Frame 


Sung from the soul

Too much fuel for the fire

All consuming out of control 


Too bright 

Lights blinded 

Nightingale cannot see, cannot sing

Clipped your feathers 

Fly away on your little wing 


Nightingale, you need respite

Nightingale, don’t give up

You still have so much fight

Don’t let the flashes outshine your light 


Nightingale can’t you see?

How your song has set me free 

Shattered that which fettered

With just a brush of your feathers


Nightingale so beautifully broken 

Sentence given ere any words were spoken 


Nightingale, your wine and wail 

Sent me flying with the force of a gale


Nightingale when I was too weak to move on

I was saved by your song



Nightingale I wish I could have given a fraction of what you gave

Your voice, your words had the power to save              


If only your effect

Could be reflected

Imperfectly perfect

Don’t know how much you affected


Oh Nightingale

You flew away today

I’m struggling to find the words to say


Want to scream stay

But it’s far too late

You’ve gone away


Nightingale needed someone to love

Nightingale please hear my plea

Hope you’ll be someone to watch over me


Nightingale, to know you was to love you

Wrap your wings around the moon

Nightingale sung so proud, gone too soon


Your echo will never fade away

Grateful for what you gave

To tread the path that you paved

The reverb of your sound

Nightingale, if you were lost

I hope peace you now have found

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