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Verbal Vomit Vault - Silver C Ca. 2011? September 17, 2014 at 11:11pm



Mind float pen flow

The motion slow

Hear the call of a gull

Such a soothing cry

Streams of sun

Rays of shine

Inhale a breath of Serenity

The swirling shape is serpentine

The coil flows from the head to toe

The ground below me gives underneath

Every step shatters the floor into a sea

Gravity bereft, free to float, form free

Unconscious consciousness

Flowing river deep like a purple haze

The vapor makes it clearer

To the light at the center I draw nearer

Blue calm, true blue

In the center the heavenly Om and you

Sitar strum, Harp trill            

Every nerve never ending

Humming, buzzing

The mood is chill, ice blue set to thrill

Like a kaleidoscope behind these eyes

Constant motion, color change

Universe collapse & rebuild again.

Falling into pearl sea, soft opal ecstasy

Pass through lips

Woven into dreams

Sugar never tasted so sweet

Then the moment when our lips did meet

The sigh of psychedelia

The morning sings

Every sound a bell toll in a dream

Swan float on a velvet stream

Await the silence tolls on me

The silence not solitude

More like a penitentiary

Prison of silence, I wait for you to call on me

No signal, no sign do I receive

The silence like an ocean wave overtaking me






My favourite thing about this, is that he goes back to his father, and holds him accountable for his actions. He’s thought he was in the wrong for years. That it was his fault he lost his honour. To see him come to this understanding that he was a child and his father was the responsible party was amazing.

I can’t even think of any other animated kids shows where the abuser is called out on their abuse as openly and directly as he was in this show. And don’t even start me on the importance of them showing that a male child can be the victim of abuse by a male parent. That’s a demographic that so often gets brushed aside and they get told to “man up” or in this case “act like a Prince.” And Zuko gets to stand up and say “I AM a Prince. You’re the one who was wrong.”

(Source: youngjustices9)

Fly like a Butterfly …

I can’t keep asking you to stay

When you’re so light you just could float away

A feather on the sky

Bright like the sunshine

Say wisps and sway willows

But by the daylight the night won’t show the tears on mypillows

Bated breath, haunted swept up in billows

Retrace paths. Sands change and undulate like seas

Above the tree line you can see the mountain peaks

The high water mark, the tide swept through

Overflow, Destroy to make anew

Bridge view and see the one in you and two

In the many, in the fray

We’re timeless in a singular multiplicity

I see you by my side and in me

Next to and above

Below and beyond

Under the thumb of Aum

Fountains of youth

Streams of silver

Slivers of truth

Luna nox lux

Now I am become Time

Rig Veda Divine

Pulse in the Dark, mingle amidst stars

The vault of all truth hidden in the scars

Music of the spheres tapped [by] celestial czars

Dove dream dust, undercover consciousness

A reverie renewed in True Happiness


Your smile will shatter me anew

I have been me

I have walked these woods with you

When I once stumbled, where I once 

In shadow & sorrow, closed my eyes 

And turned away from the sun

As a shaft & pillar of luminescence mingled in the bramble & underfoot

You mourned me from the mountain top

You sighed heavily, but the breath did not move me
You sent tears to cleanse me, but muddled, the rivers & streams did not flow
You sent lightning to shock me, yet I only heard the crash & cymbal of thunder

Wild horses stampeding madly 

A thousand, thousand torches you lit in the vault to see my face by

Still you cried in desolation.

Then I became the light

The twin flame of the night

I pulled the tides

Rivulets of rain to rivers & seas all the

Drops flow high and carried by the

Cold wind blow

Seasons like feelings cycle and grow

By the sun, star and the moon

And the rings of the outer loop

Past where the rays of sun shine

The Source of light reverberated 

As reflected in the eyes

Of your soul and mine

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